Igreja do Divino Espírito Santo do Cerrado

In September 2016, I took part in one of the most meaningful experiences of my life: a 5000km bus trip across Brazil to visit Lina Bo Bardi's works, as part of a class taught by a very dear professor, Humberto Mezzadri.

During the trip (co-organized by Brunno Douat), the guest professors Owen Nichols and Marc Mascarello (Chibbernoonie – NY) conducted several drawing workshops.

Drawing, graphite on paper
Together with Brunno Douat

Postcards to Fox Point

Series of postcards made with color paper cuts. 

As the majority of humans on Earth, I started the quarantine period in mid-March, in Brazil. Due to the pandemic complications, I was not able to get a visa and even if I had one I wouldn’t be able to enter the US, departing from my country, because of border restrictions. This project was made while I was a remote student in my first semester at RISD.

One of the first projects at RISD Grad School is Atlas, a topic intimately related to the idea of space, place, geography, territory. After researching the history and geography of Fox Point, the area I was assigned to, being in a remote position inevitably lead me into thinking about the real meaning of PLACE.

As in: what does it mean to be somewhere? How places are created? How to make yourself present when not physically in a space?

As an internet-space-time-traveler, I made a six postcards, using assembled small pieces of colored paper cuts, each representing a remarkable feature of the neighborhood — a souvenir of a trip that I didn’t really make. They became symbols of both a research and memory. I was never in Fox Point, though I could say I was.

Project developed in Graduate Studio I, taught by Bethany Johns and John Caserta in October 2020.