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Peter Project

In a land so flat, a small hill calls my attention. In this project, I spoke to people who live around the said hill (which I would later discover to be a former landfill) to know what their feelings and expectations were.

Digital collages developed in "How Devices Define a Landscape" research lab, KABK, taught by Krijn Christiaansen and Cathelijne Montens. The classes took place in a polder in Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, 2014.

The elderly couple runs a garden shop nearby the hill. They said there were plans for a sightseeing point on top of the landfill – with its 23m, it is the highest point in South-Holland. That was more or less back when the golf club owner was trying to get the papers so that he could build a golf court there.
They liked the place better when it was used for cattle — then it was beautiful all-year long, not only during the flower season.

Their pain in the neck are the skeleton greenhouses and the neighboring factory with delusions of grandeur, that are always trying to get more and more land to them — and are too noisy.

The well-succeeded farmer has a family name that is famous all over the Netherlands for the flower production. He dislikes abandoned greenhouses the other plot owners leave behind — there is a reason for that: once they are removed, people lose the right to build anything else on the site. On the other hand, he appreciates the small scale agriculture proportioned by the small scale plot division. The hill looks nice, though he didn’t enjoy it at first sight. He still remembers it as “the place everybody put their trash after the paint-factory fire”.

A recently-moved family doesn’t dislike anything about the place. They love the flowers and are really enjoying the fact they moved from the city to the countryside. However, the little kid hoped that the green grass he saw from far on the hill was an amusement park. The golf club was discovered as a deception, as none of them play it.